Here at www.fakeid-uk.com we are making buying your next novelty fake ID simpler and better than ever, after many years of supplying a wide range of the best fake IDīs available we are now only concentrating on the one that has been by far our most popular.

This in turn means we are putting even more effort into ensuring this is the best and most realistic novelty fake driving licence available.

We believe the images below speak for themselves and should show exactly what we produce, but feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

www.fakeid-uk.com is the only website offering cards of this quality and with the details so close to the real thing.
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All our fake ID cards come complete with a hologram and UV image as standard...

All printed with the highest quality inks and produced on the highest resolution printers available...
Same Day Dispatch...
The cards we produce are novelty products and must be bought and used for fun and novelty only to be sure no laws are broken. If we suspect illegal misuse of any of our cards we will refuse the order.

We take the manufacturing of fake ID cards very seriously and as a result we only use the best and most modern equipment available, our aim is to consistently produce fake ID cards that we hope will exceed your expectations. We have built a business on repeat custom and referrals.

Our fake driving licence is produced on a machine very similar to that used in American licenses and all throughout Europe. We print right to the edge of the card and all the text, logos, crests, photos etc. and background designs are sharp and look as professional as possible.
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Card with Orbit Hologram and Ultra Violet embedded image
Note. the orbit hologram which changes colour and shape when reflected against light
As of 05-07-2015 all photocard diving licences issued in England, Scotland and Wales will carry the Union Flag alongside the existing European Union flag.

This applies to all cards with an issue date later than July 5th 2015
Ultraviolet image
on both front
and back